Line Dancing Is Fun!

Liz Collett to Teach a Line dance to the Big Brother House

Happy Dancing – Liz and Paul

I have some very exciting news to share. I just posted on Facebook.

“Just today I have been asked to choreograph a dance for the Big Brother show. They sent me the music and they will be filming me teaching it on Thurs. Thankfully the dance came together for me, I hope they like it because they will be learning it in the house. I might have to watch it on that night whenever that might be!!:)”

I will update you with the results and hopefully some pictures.


After a few hiccups I eventually taught the Big Brother house how to Line Dance on Thursday 6th September 2012. [Video Removed by Big Brother] You don’t need to watch the whole episode I have noted the times that it is shown.

Happy Dancing
Liz Collett

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