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very clear

I found your dvd’s on google searching for line dance instruction. There were a number of places where people liked your dvd’s.

I know I can go on youtube, but it is so hit or miss and not organized.

What I liked about your dvd’s was it looked like they build in difficulty.

I have looked for classes near me but have not found any. I bought your dvd’s for exercise purposes but also in the hopes that eventually I will find a place to dance.

I’ve only just started with yours, but they are very clear; they start out easy; and they go through levels of difficulty for each dance.

I’m older (73) and dancing is a nice way to keep moving and these seem very manageable for me.

Jeanne I, MI USA (Feb 2024)

great instructor

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your DVD.

Ms. Liz Collett is a great instructor.

What a joy to learn line dance without having to drive a distance and battle to be in the front row to see the steps.

As a 74 year old woman, I am amazed that I am still able to learn a new skill.

Maybe one day I will be good enough to share with others who also want to learn line dance.

Bless you for producing this wonderful DVD

Mary S, CA USA (Jan 2024)


I watched your brief video and was impressed.

I did some other search’s to try to find some dvd’s in the US, but no one impressed me more than yours.

All of your help was so nice.

I will be using the DVD’s at our clubhouse near the end of this month and everyone is looking forward to learning.

Thank you for all your help!

Karen C, Fl USA (Jan 2024)

the best out there

I searched the net… Most of the line dance dvd were too fast for seniors.

Yours are the best out there.

Your instruction are great, Have given your web site address to many.

Frank B, IL USA (Mar 2023)

best by far

[DVDs]…gone over with a Big Bang and the class keep asking for more.

I checked out other videos and you and Liz put out the best by far. Your teaching method is above excellent…Thank You

Cheryl H, QLD (Nov 2023)

so clearly explained and demonstrated

Hi Liz
I haven’t done much dancing at all since doing 12 year old ballet – so a long time ago !

I’m finding your tapes extremely helpful and am enjoying practicing as everything you do is so clearly explained and demonstrated.

PS: your DVD’s are much easier to follow than most of the You Tube clips that I’ve looked at.

Sue C, Vic (Sep 2022)

my daughter will be ecstatic

I would just like to thank you for all you have done.

I came home this morning and there on the porch was the dvd.

Thank you so much my daughter will be ecstatic.

Coralie J, QLD (Nov 2021)

structure is excellent

Hi Liz

I have received the DVDs and I am really enjoying working through the dances – the way the DVDs are structured is excellent!!

I am also enjoying the email updates / tips. Such a great initiative!! Many thanks

Susan B, QLD (Oct 2021)

love your sweet teaching style

Thank you!
I love your sweet teaching style.
My mom is 85 and her line dance teacher could not continue due to health issues so we are going to do line dance in her living room with your videos! .

Michele F, Tx USA (Aug 2021)

love your DVDs

…By the way love your DVDs. Got boot scooting boogie down pat already.

Linda M, QLD (Jun 2020)

line dance junkie

Hi Liz and Paul

Since purchasing your first 3 discs I have joined a couple of line dancing groups and have become a line dance junkie.

I am very happy with the teaching method which is very good indeed and as I am vision impaired your commentary is so very necessary and easily understood.

Thank you for introducing me to line dancing.

Elvira S, VIC (Apr 2020)

having lots of fun

Hello Liz
I am having lots of fun with the pack you sent me a week ago.

Learning at 76 has challenges but I am persistent and the more practice I do the easier it becomes… Many thanks

Gloria G, NSW (Mar 2020)

excellent customer service.

I love the DVD very clear and easy to follow.
…I forgot to mention the excellent customer service?

Denise J, Monash, ACT (Jan 2020)

certainly helped me improve

Dear Liz and Paul,
I love your DVD’s. Thankyou for such a great product. I am a beginner at line dancing and attend a class once a week.

I thought that if I purchased your DVD’s, I would be able to practice at home and that is what I am doing and it has certainly helped me improve.

still have a way to go but am enjoying my journey.
Thanks again and keep up the good work… Kindest regards,

Carol I, Tarleton, Tas (Oct 2019)

so easy to follow & learn from

Hi Liz

Received your DVDs yesterday have tried them out & think they are absolutely awesome.

I have had the DVD on again today with a friend we both really love them.

The only ones I found that are so easy to follow & learn from.

I will definitely keep in contact with you.

Judy E, Broadwater, NSW (Oct 2019)

a lot of laughs & fun

Hi Liz,
One of the reasons I got your DVDs is for keeping the brain learning.

There is about 8 of us all over 60 up to 75.

We meet in our local hall once a week, have a lot of laughs & fun. Thank you…

Sue C, Bega, NSW (Sept 2019)

Much better than I had hoped for

You are so clever the way you present it, nice and easy to follow.

Much better than I had hoped for.

Will keep in touch, Best wishes

Andrea, Mudgee, NSW (Aug 2019)

given me lots of pleasure

Hi Liz,
Just wanted to express my thanks for your “24 Dances” DVD, purchased some months back now.

I am gradually working through the dances – currently learning I walk the Line.

Your work has been very helpful and given me lots of pleasure…Best wishes,

Margaret, Scenic Rim, Qld (July 2019)

confidence that I was purchasing a quality product.

Hi Liz,
I found you on YouTube.

Being an ex dance teacher, I appreciate the way you instructed the line dance.

It gave me confidence that I was purchasing a quality product.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge…Kind Regards,

Milena (NJ USA)

I love the way you teach

Hi Liz

Have found the DVDs great so far (up to third dance disc One).

I love the way you teach…Cheers

Terri (Qld)

so easy to follow. Love it!

Our small town group of line dancing beginners really enjoy your DVD’s Liz.

The clear and staged demonstrations are so easy to follow. Love it!

Kind Regards to you both, Liz and Paul

Bill (VIC)

I’m having a ball!!

Would you please convey to Liz how pleased I am with this set of DVDs. Her instructions are so clear and comprehensive and I’m having a ball!!

Kay (ACT)

blown the cobwebs out of my brain.

Hi Liz
I am having a great time learning line dancing. Your DVDs are fantastic and very helpful.

Linedancing is great exercise and has blown the cobwebs out of my brain.

Very good for the memory. Thank you

Lauren (NSW)

Your DVD’s are very user friendly.

Dear Liz
Your DVD’s are very user friendly and your system of teaching the dances has obviously been fine tuned over your experience of line dancing.

My partner and I have joined a group down here and although the dances so far have been different to yours the different steps are linking in.

We will continue to embrace the craft and have found that there are several venues …here… where there are groups of senior citizens participating.

Keith (Vic)

Perfect DVD’s and virtual teacher!!

Hi Liz
Just wanted to thank you sincerely for these DVD’s!! I am thrilled with them.

Your instructions are so easy to follow, and love the slow and fast music within each dance.

I started learning several years ago but because of circumstances at the time had to stop.

I have never lost my interest, and now at age 63 have found the perfect DVD’s and virtual teacher!!

Love that I can learn in the comfort of my lounge room!!

Looking forward to both learning the dances and using the knowledge when attending dances.

Thanks again and warmest regards,

Cheryl H (NSW)

Feedback means you listen

Hi Liz
…the Beginners [class] was hard to get to each Wednesday night…
Soooo i started scouting around the internet for a good instructional DVD.
I came across your page … something on how your page was worded regarding instructional linedancing clicked with me.

My two friends and I will be practicing together one night a week.
I will keep you posted on how we go …

You must run a good business to chase “feedback”.
Feedback means you listen to your customers … they come first … you want them to learn and come back to you … good business sense …
Anywayz will keep you posted on how we go …

Pauletta S (NSW)

You truly have wonderful teaching DVDs

Dear Liz,
I found out about you while checking out various line dancing sites. Some lady on her site highly recommended you.

You truly have wonderful teaching DVDs with enjoyable music.

I am still working on the first DVD. I sure hope you produce more.

Thank you so much for being such a great teacher.

Jonie L (LA, USA)

it opens a whole new world

Hi Liz
…I am not brave enough to go out at night on my own as yet why not learn here at home whenever I feel like it .

So far enjoying it all except when my back turns to the TV creates a bit of a giggle trying to remember what I did in the set before but I will not let it beat me.

Thank you so much for doing these DVDs as it opens a whole new world for someone like me.

Thank you so very much, regards

Jan S (QLD)

Really easy to follow and learn

Hi Liz,
I’m really enjoying learning the dances, the way you have broken them down makes it really easy to follow and learn.

…I’m also glad to hear that line dancing is good for the brain as well as exercise!

Antoniette C (NSW)

You have taken the confusion away and given me pleasure…

Hi Liz
I have started learning from your first disc and I have to admit the instruction and choice of two speeds to dance to are fantastic.

Just before ordering I attended a beginners class here but it really wasn’t a beginners class even though the instructor said it was and I left after 90 minutes very frustrated, confused and disappointed.

Now I have decided to learn from you and then try attending the class again further down the track.

You have taken the confusion away and given me pleasure in place of it, thank you.

Malory P (NSW)

Your customer service is unbelievable…

Your customer service is unbelievable as I only ordered this at the weekend

I am 71 Years of age and are ticking off my bucket list … enjoying every day and staying positive,

I do go to classes but have been borrowing your cd from the local library.

In fact most of my family has experienced the cd [DVD] … as I continue to follow it regularly

You have made my day, cd [DVD] is playing in front of me

Many Thanks

Marie T (QLD)

explain very clearly, excellent.

Hi Liz
There are many line dance in the internet, but I think you are best one for me.

You are great , from slow to fast, to explain very clearly, excellent.

I am a new learner , the first DVD is great for me, I really enjoyed,

Thank you so much.

Marina H (QLD)

We are all healthier for it

Hi Liz
We received your first disc and started after the Christmas break 2014. We loved it and soon mastered the first few dances so we ordered disk 2.

We commenced that last September and have nearly completed those dances. We are a small village and the 10 ladies who dance represent a third of the female residents, so a good effort.

…feeling confident to do most of the disk 1 dances without the DVD. We have “performed” at two or three Friday evening get-togethers much to the admiration of partners and the rest of the village.

So Liz just a thank you from all of us for the DVD’s. We are thoroughly enjoying them and I’m sure we are all healthier for it!

Jo J (SA)

on behalf of the … Village Line Dancers

We will have lots of family fun times

Hi Liz
We received the DVDs yesterday and my grandchildren age six and seven are already line dancing,

They loved the dvds, great exercise and really helps them work on co-ordination.

We will have lots of family fun times, I am sure.

John J (NSW)

Having a lot of fun.

HI Liz…
I found out about you from the person who teaches line dancing at U3A … she has very positive things to say about you.

I think your DVD and dance sheets are fantastic. Can’t wait to feel proficient in the moves.

Having a lot of fun meanwhile though.
Thank you so much,

Cheers! Liz E (Qld)

Good Daily Exercise and Practice

Thank you Liz…
The DVDs arrived on Friday and I spent all that afternoon dancing. I have done the first 4 dances and loving the pace.

They do go through each dance slowly 2 or 3 times at my classes and i do get quite a few moves as time goes on, but I am one who needs to do it over and over and over again, day after day before I really get it, so the DVDs are perfect for me…. can replay as often as i need. I will now do those 4 dances at fast pace until I really have them before moving on to the next 4 on DVD 1. This should fast track me quite a lot as I have only been doing line dancing since the end of October, and the majority of the class have been doing it for quite a while.

Thank you. This is a birthday present that will get a lot of use

The best tip for me was having the weight on the correct foot, as this is where I have been having trouble i think, as i always seem to be on the wrong foot or having to change feet, as well as turning the wrong way, again because of the weight on the wrong foot. This has helped me already. Thanks!…

…Having 3 DVDs appealed as there would be so much to learn, and having a 4th one with just the dances, would be good daily exercise and practice once I had learned the dances. I decided then and there to get the credit card out.

Cheers! Sue T (Qld)

Clear Instructions

The DVD’s arrived this morning and I worked my way through to ‘Slap Leather’ on Volume One this afternoon. I have done about half a dozen line dancing classes before but without a car I find it difficult to attend classes regularly.

I found dancing with the DVD terrific. Thank you for your clear instructions, and it was great to not have to bob around other dancers to see the teacher’s feet.

I look forward to dancing my way through all the discs.

Jennifer N (NSW)

Great Stress Reliever

Hi Liz,
I so agree that LineDancing is a great stress reliever! I have started attending a weekly class and thanks to your DVD I can now dance “Senorita Sway” as well as the others who have been lineDancing for years!! Your DVD’s are great, thanks very much.

Yes I will keep at it, cause it makes me happy

Fran S (NSW)

The way you teach is so methodical and comprehensive, one can hardly go wrong

Hi Liz!!
I just wanted to let you know I received my Beginners DVD yesterday and this morning I had a go at Elvira and the second dance. I just loved it. Your instructions, and particularly because we follow you with your back to us, is such a great way for a beginner to learn.

I am going to have loads of fun learning these dances and am just thrilled with my purchase.

The way you teach is so methodical and comprehensive, one can hardly go wrong.

Thank you so much.

Deb C (QLD)

PS… the steps showed on the video were so thorough and easy to follow.

Your Instructions and Calls are Excellent

Hi Liz!!
I’m writing to say that I love your videos!!! I have 2 left feet! But I also have ALWAYS wanted to country dance. No partner right now… You got a partner you can send??!! Ha!!

But seriously- I bought your line dancing collection and your instructions and calls are excellent!! I do all the steps through till I can do them flawlessly through the fast dance portion.

Thank you SOOOO much!

Mary S (Az, USA)

I Might have Given Up if Not for These DVDs

Hi Liz and Paul
I practised the first DVD and found it really helpful and easy to follow. I started a line dancing class three weeks ago but as the only raw beginner, I struggled a bit retaining the steps after the first one or two dances.

I might have given up if not for these DVDs to practice at home. I tried watching YouTube videos but the quality of the teaching was patchy.

Thank you for the great dvds.

Anne D (Vic)

Impressed by your Teaching Style and Thoroughness of Instruction

Dear Liz and Paul
I was searching online for Line Dance instructions/video. I chose your company because a) you were Australian and b) after watching a youtube clip of your dancing instruction, I was impressed by your teaching style and thoroughness of instruction and c) I was looking for a collection of dances, not just instructional, so your 24 dance video met my needs.

I must also say I think I chose the correct company as you have exceeded my expectations in communication. I am very impressed by your dance sheets – it has saved me a lot of work!

J… (NSW)

It Was a Smash.

Received your ‘Line Dancing’ Video last week, thank you for the fast postage. Played it on the weekend while the grandchildren (aged 6 and 4) were here for the long week-end, it was a smash; we had grandma and two little girls kicking up their heels!

Great fun and easy to follow.

Sue (NSW)

I Have a Secret Teacher in My Loungeroom

Dear Liz,
Thank you for the enjoyment of learning to Linedance.I have NEVER danced in all of my 68 years (except when I was 10yrs old and had a couple of tap dancing lessons —- I reached the shuffle step kick stage, which I am told will help with a few steps in Linedancing)

I am going to a Senior Citizens Linedancing Class once a week and I have been happy to say, I have a secret teacher in my Loungeroom !!!!!

Thanks for videos once again and I will try and do you proud in my vain effort to learn to get fit ,remember and ENJOY !!!

Elaine (NSW)

Can’t wait for the next lesson to show off!!

Hi Liz and Paul.
Received the dvds. Thank you very much. I am a nurse on night shift and just started line dancing. We live in rural Victoria and have lessons are once a week.I regrettably do not get to the lessons sometimes for weeks at a time, and I am just rapt with your presentation.

Thank you again!!! I love being able to do it at home at my own pace, and I don’t feel so embarrassed – just rewind and do it again.! It is easier though. Can’t wait for the next lesson to show off!!!

Thanks again and thank you for the back up.

Tina and Paul O. (Vic)

No hesitation in recommending these DVDs

Hi Liz and Paul,
I am writing to say how delighted I am with your DVDs….I am finding the instructions very informative and easy to follow. I feel sure that with practice I will be able to confidently do the dances. It will be a fun way to exercise. I hope you will continue to put more dances on DVD. It is good to have an Australian product that is so easily obtained.

…when I saw [your] DVDs this really made my day. Your service was prompt as I received my much awaited parcel in a few days. If I come across someone who is interested in Line Dancing I shall have no hesitation in recommending these DVDs.

Once again, thanks for such good instructions.

Judy (ACT)

Improves my blood circulation

Thank you, it is good for every one to learn line dancing – it improves my blood circulation and increases my metabolism.
I praise you for being a good teacher.

Yolanda M (Qld)

I am Going To Get Hooked

I have only had a chance to look at the first 3 dances on Disc 1 and was really impressed with your instructions and demonstration. It was so detailed which I really appreciate (the pace was great).

I know that I am going to get hooked. I thought by purchasing your DVDs would help me to learn the terminologies of the dance steps and it gives me something to practise against at home with…Many thanks…

Jane H (QLD)

Exercise and Brain Food are Both Bonuses

Well Liz & Paul …………… I think you are amazing. The DVDs arrived a couple of days after I ordered them and I am on the third one now. I used the first one again yesterday so three of our grandchildren could line dance with me – they loved it!!

…I thought hmm ………. I should be learning to join in the line dancing instead of just looking on. So we came home and I immediately searched, found your site, and placed my order. It’s so much easier to play and learn at home in my own spare time instead of travelling some distance at night time for lessons AND ………. Mine are daily lessons, not weekly.

I don’t think anybody could fault your presentations and tutoring. I’m sure you have brought so much pleasure to many people – the exercise and brain food are both bonuses. Thank you.

Warm Regards…

Brenda D (Qld)

…Wish I Had Found It Earlier…

Dear Liz,
Thank you for your D.V.D
I am enjoying it and find it very eazy to follow.

I found your site by Google search and wish I had found it earlier.

Many thanks….

Dale T (WA)

I am enjoying your dvd

…I am enjoying your dvd …. I go to a beginners class every Friday but most of them are not beginners and they are pretty advance so having your dvd helps me understand the terms used in the dances.

Will let you know how I go.

Thank you.


I have just finished your No 2 dvd and I have to tell you I am learning great with your instructions.
Am really enjoying it. Thank you Liz

Evelyn L (Vic)

A Helpful Tool to Learn the Dances…

I have commenced line dancing …… and really enjoying this. As a raw beginner, I wanted to learn the steps, so googled line dancing and found you.

The DVD is great, and is a helpful tool to learn the dances.


Trish S (QLD)

Your video motivates me

I am already doing the dance routine from Elvira to One Good Reason and enjoying every step.

Anytime of the day, rain or shine, I can do my dance exercise at home.

Your video motivates mebecause it is done in an easy manner; easy enough to follow.

Again Liz, thank you very much. Sincerely,

Jane J (Qld)

I am having the time of my life..

Hi Liz,
I am having the time of my life. It is so great not needing a partner to dance……

I love music and dance on my own every chance I can get, even at work. I am the sole worker and if it is quiet I put the music on and do a couple of dances before getting back to work. It helps the day go better.

Brenda N (WA)

Liz is a brilliant teacher…..

..Just to let you know I received my DVD in record time…..excellent service thanks ????

Liz is a brilliant teacher. Makes it all so clear to follow….

Patricia M (WA)

my dancing skills are improving rapidly….

Dear Liz and Paul
I have found your first three DVDs very handy and easy to follow.

I use them as a learning tool after I have classes … My short term memory and “expertise” – my dancing skills – are improving rapidly.

Kind regards… Nikolaus S (Qld)

Extra Confidence Booster

I found your DVD’s to be an extra confidence booster, and such fun.

I highly recommend them to all beginners and to all that know that a little more practice at home (with no one watching!) would be beneficial.

Lyn M (QLD)

What an inspiration you are

What an inspiration you are to encourage dancing.
Your happy disposition makes it a never-ending enjoyable experience.

Vana (QLD)

Liz Collett Has The Gift

Liz Collett has the gift of being able to teach dancing with patience and friendliness.

The Classes are enjoyed by all.

Liz M (QLD)

My Exercise Routine at Home

Dear Liz
I received the DVD and I am enjoying it. I am going to use it as part of my exercise routine at home.

The DVD is very “user friendly”. Thank you very much for putting this DVD together.

Jane (QLD)

All the above Line dancing DVD testimonials have come from people who have purchased our DVDs and written in to let us hear about their experience.
Happy Dancing
Liz and Paul
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“…very clear”
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“… excellent customer service”
“…certainly helped me improve”
“…so easy to follow & learn from”
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“Much better than I had hoped for.”
“…given me lots of pleasure”
“…confidence that I was purchasing a quality product.”
“I love the way you teach”
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“..blown the cobwebs out of my brain.”
“Your DVD’s are very user friendly…”
“Perfect DVD’s and virtual teacher…”
“Feedback means you listen…”
“You truly have wonderful teaching DVDs…”
“…it opens a whole new world…”
“You have taken the confusion away…”
“Your customer service is unbelievable…”
“…explain very clearly, excellent.”
“We are all healthier for it”
“We will have lots of family fun times”
“Having a lot of fun…”
“Good Daily Exercise and Practice.”
“Clear Instructions”
“Great Stress Reliever…”
“One Can Hardly go Wrong…”
“Your Instructions and Calls are Excellent”
“I Might have Given Up if Not for These DVDs”
“Impressed by your Teaching Style”
“It Was a Smash.”
“I Have a Secret Teacher in My Loungeroom”
“No hesitation in recommending these DVDs”
“Improves my blood circulation…”
“I am Going To Get Hooked…”
“Exercise and Brain Food are Both Bonuses…”
“…Wish I Had Found It Earlier…”
“I am enjoying your dvd…”
“A Helpful Tool to Learn the Dances…”
“The instructions are terrific!!…”
“Your video motivates me…”
“I am having the time of my life…”
“Liz is a brilliant teacher…”
“my dancing skills are improving rapidly…”
“you have made the dances very easy to follow…”
“extra confidence booster…”
“What an inspiration you are…”
“My Exercise Routine at Home…”

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