Line Dancing Is Fun!

Learn to Line Dance DVDs

The SECRET is OUT – !!!
You can learn to Line Dance
even with 2 LEFT FEET!!!!

All 4 Beginner Line Dance DVDs
Liz Collett Line dance teacher

Hi my name is Liz Collett.
Time and time again people in my line dancing class would say
“I wish I could take you home with me”

So I made my first line dance instruction DVD.

Before I knew it, EVERYONE wanted one. Then they demanded more.

I am proud to say I have helped thousands of people learn to line dance in my classes and using our line dance DVDs.

Would you like to Get FIT and have fun at the same time?
From the comfort of your own home?

Here’s How Our Line Dance DVDs Can Help YOU!!!!

  • Get Fit

    Even if you hate to exercise – I am sure you will love my dance program.

  • Health

    Your friends will all be saying to you “I want whatever you are on”.

  • Self Confidence

    Sometimes just learning to do something new makes you FEEL GOOD.

  • and More…
"Easy to Follow..."

Dear Liz and Paul
I have found your first three DVDs very handy and easy to follow.

I use them as a learning tool after I have classes … My short term memory and “expertise” – my dancing skills – are improving rapidly.

Kind regards…
Nikolaus S (Qld)

  • Confidence

    Once you have learned the dances You will be “chomping at the bit” to join in the fun at your local line dance class.
    And you’ll look as good as everyone else – or better! – You’ll fit right in!

  • Friendship

    You’ll meet lots of fun people, like yourself, at your local linedance class or party.

  • No Partner? Or your spouse won’t dance?

    You don’t need one – that is just one of the exciting benefits of line dancing.

  • Say Goodbye to Loneliness!

    For all the above reasons…

“……confidence booster, and such fun……”

When I joined Liz Collett’s Line Dance class I purchased her DVD’s. “LineDance with Liz”, Volumes 1, 2 and 3.

Even though Liz is an amazingly conscientious and patient teacher, always keen for us to confidently know routines before introducing the music, I never the less found her DVD’s to be an extra confidence booster, and such fun.

I highly recommend them to all beginners and to all who know that a little more practice at home (with no one watching) would be beneficial.

Lyn (Southport, QLD)

  • Lose Weight

    Just imagine – having a bit of fun each day you could lose a little OR a lot.
    Who’d have thought losing weight could be so enjoyable?

“I have shed some Kilos…”

Dear Liz and Paul

Your Line Dance DVDs have helped us tremendously to understand the definition of the steps. We can now participate when we go to our dance classes weekly.

We practice a lot at home as I find the lessons very entertaining and mind soothing. As a result, I have shed some Kilos and I feel very energetic.
My friend and I do thank you from the bottom of our hearts and please keep up the good work.

Yours Truly


Are these DVD’s For YOU?

  • Do you enjoy dancing but have no one to dance with?
  • Would you like to improve your health?
  • Are you lonely or bored – Need a life?
  • Do you like to have fun?
  • Are you a beginner or intermediate line dancer?
  • Do you need a confidence boost?
  • Too shy to join a local class?
  • ………………..?

Then these DVD’s might just be what you are looking for….

Who these DVDs are NOT for….

  • People who expect a “HollyWood” extravaganza.
    We would rather deliver teaching resources that actually work.
    Consequently we Believe our DVD’s are far more effective and thorough than others we have reviewed.
  • Dancers who can pick up a dance just by watching.
    However these lucky few will probably enjoy our Vol 4 “24 Line Dances” DVD.

See for Yourself……..
Check out this video – it is an abreviated version of Bootscootin’ Boogie from DVD 1
Just Click on the play button at the bottom or the arrow in the middle of the picture.

Why not JOIN IN and practice with the Video now!!!
See how easy it is!
You CAN do it!!

PS We know you will ENJOY
Learning To “Line Dance With Liz”

“…I was certainly thrilled when you sent me your first DVD”…”

Hi Liz

Having attended your classes on the Gold Coast for years and then moving to North Qld, and not being able to find a class to match yours, I was certainly thrilled when you sent me your first DVD.

I now have all three and have my friends around for mini line dancing classes. Well we’re moving up and I am now using them to teach a much larger class (25 ladies) whose teacher moved south.

Thank you Liz …
Cheryl (Qld)