Line Dancing Is Fun!

Below is our list of Line Dancing FAQs. They are the ones that get asked the most.

Can you dance any dance to any song?

Each dance is choreographed to a specific song.  Sometimes there are several dances to the same song. 

For example there are 2 different versions of Bootscootin boogie. The version of Bootscootin’ Boogie on our DVD is from Bill Bader .

So generally when line dancers hear a song, they know which routine to dance to it.

Having said that most songs follow a pattern so yes you could do most line dances to most songs in the same time signature.

You can NOT do a waltz step to most songs, and you couldn’t do Cowboy Cha Cha (for example) to a waltz song.
Waltz counts in 3’s while most songs count in 4’s or multiples).
DVD Vol 1 has both a waltz and Cowboy Cha Cha plus 6 other dances.

A well choreographed dance will respect the mood or feel of the song, and often doesn’t quite feel the same if danced to a different song. 

Some advanced dances have special breaks in the routine when the song requires it, so that could probably be only danced correctly to the song it was choreographed to.

For example a song written by Paul has the following dance I choreographed to it.  You will see it is quite complicated and towards the bottom you will see restarts and tags in the step sheet.

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