Line Dancing Is Fun!

Liz Collett Line Dancing in China

Happy Dancing – Liz and Paul

Liz Collett and her line dancers Line Dancing In China

Liz Collett Line dancing in Beijing China

Hi everyone, you just can’t believe the amazing time we are having in Beijing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our big festival is tomorrow and we are the first team to dance in front of the rostrum at the opening ceremony then lead the parade near Tienanmen Square.

We had practice at 10.30 last night and it was truly like a picture book story leading the groups down this amazing street.

I have learnt to count to 10 in Chinese and had great fun with them today teaching them a couple of dances – about 200 people in the hall.

The dance they loved the most was the one I choreographed to Chain Reaction! We are treated like royalty. Can’t wait to show you the photos.

A professional photographer has been snapping heaps of photos which he will give to me. I was interviewed with the chairman of a large group again today but not sure I answered all his questions correctly after interpretation!

Anyway, we are having the BEST time ever and I might move to Beijing or at least exchange for a year??? The Chinese think that would be a good idea but not my group:)

Got an early start tomorrow, have to be at the parade area at 7am so up at 5am. BIG day coming up.

Every day has been amazing and have 4 days left. Will be sad to leave these beautiful people, it is just so good to know I have so many amazing people to come back to!