Line Dancing Is Fun!

Line dancing – A Fun Exercise for Osteoporosis Prevention?

Happy Dancing – Liz and Paul

Is it Possible?
You can improve bone density and have fun at the same time?

Research into line dancing and Bone Density and osteoporosis

Healthy Bones

According to researchers from Griffith University’s School of Physiotherapy it is.

They knew that in order for people to participate in exercise over a long period of time, the exercises needed to be easy, low cost, safe and fun.

Cath Young (B Phty, M Sports Physiotherapy) a student from the School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science, gathered a highly targeted group of post menopausal women, aged 45 and older, and used them for a series of exercises which included a group who attended Liz Collett’s Gold Coast Line Dancing Class.

The results in a nutshell:- “The women who went Line Dancing Got Results”.

Following is the synopsis of the study as reported by Naturopath Olwen Anderson in her article Could line dancing save you from osteoporosis?

“The force of feet hitting the floor in line dancing exerted enough pressure to make a subtle positive difference in the bones of the participants over several months. But it did more than that: The women who participated reported better balance and stronger leg muscles, and the opportunity to have fun in a group probably helped them psychologically too. I bet most of them are still dancing!”

Check out her full article plus other interesting health information.

There is a NEW DANCE CRAZE!!
The Bone Density Boogie” aka “The Bone Density Shuffle
You heard it here first!!!!!! lol

So join a local Line dance class or get hold of some Line Dancing DVD’s which will give you hours of fun and exercise to help ward off the BD Blues… and…you don’t need a partner.

Happy Dancing

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