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Instructions for Last Beatle Line Dance

Happy Dancing – Liz and Paul

Last Beatle - Walk throughLast Beatle is my most recent line dance.  I choreographed it to a great tune When The Last Beatles Gone sung by Tim Buppert – A fantastic tribute to The Beatles.

In the 4 videos below I will teach you the dance, step by step, and then with the music.

  • Video 1 – Learn the dance with a step by step walk through.
  • Video 2 – Now it is time to put the whole routine together with slow music.
  • Video 3 – Follow me as I talk you through the full speed track “When The Last Beatles Gone”.
  • Video 4 – Watch me and 3 of my friends demonstrate how great Last Beatle looks.

 Last Beatle Dance Sheet  |   Download the Song

No more talk lets learn my new line dance – Last Beatle.

Video 1 – Time to learn the basics of Last Beatle Line Dance.


Video 2 – Now that you are familiar with the dance, let’s do it to slow music.


Video 3 – Ok so now you are ready to dance to the full speed of the track.


Video 4 – Watch me and my friends Souzi, Rae and Kay as we show you how the dance looks.


My friend Paul played me a song he had co-written and I just knew I had to choreograph a dance to it. I had the World Line Dancing Championships in Florida coming up (December 2011 / January 2012) and I was wanting a fun dance to teach at my workshops there.  This song “spoke” to me as it is a tribute to The Beatles and took me back to my youth.

I choreographed it in December and after encouraging comments from my classes, I knew it would be great for the “Worlds”.

Tim Buppert’s vocals are amazing and the whole sound of the band on the track is superb.

Video 5 – Listen to When The Last Beatles Gone.


Last Beatle is an intermediate line dance but even if it is a little beyond you at the moment it won’t take you long to master it. Give it a try because it is a really nice flowing dance.

Thank you for taking the time to watch and learn Last Beatle, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.  You may want to let your line dance teacher know about it if he or she doesn’t already. There should be everything they need to learn and teach it here.

Last Beatle Step Sheet  |  Download When The Last Beatles Gone  |

Happy Dancing
Liz Collett