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Elvira Line Dance

Happy Dancing – Liz and Paul

Elvira is a great line dance for beginners!

Elvira is one of the most popular beginner line dances to learn. It includes some very basic line dance steps such as vine, rock & hitch, that are used on many modern dances – even advanced ones.

Elvira is great preparation for many of the other dances on Vol 1 including:
Houston Hustle | Boot Scootin’ Boogie | Stray Cat Strut | Slap Leather | One Good Reason | Woolshed Waltz | Cowboy Cha Cha

“…absolutely awesome.”

Hi Liz
Received your DVDs yesterday have tried them out & think they are absolutely awesome.

I have had the DVD on again today with a friend we both really love them.

The only ones I found that are so easy to follow & learn from.

I will definitely keep in contact with you.

Kind regards…

Judy E (NSW)

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Elvira Introduction – Watch Video

"Easy to Follow..."

Dear Liz and Paul
I have found your first three DVDs very handy and easy to follow.

I use them as a learning tool after I have classes … My short term memory and “expertise” – my dancing skills – are improving rapidly.

Kind regards…
Nikolaus S (Qld)

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