Line Dancing Is Fun!

We are all healthier for it

Happy Dancing – Liz and Paul

Hi Liz
We received your first disc and started after the Christmas break 2014. We loved it and soon mastered the first few dances so we ordered disk 2.

We commenced that last September and have nearly completed those dances. We are a small village and the 10 ladies who dance represent a third of the female residents, so a good effort.

…feeling confident to do most of the disk 1 dances without the DVD. We have “performed” at two or three Friday evening get-togethers much to the admiration of partners and the rest of the village.

So Liz just a thank you from all of us for the DVD’s. We are thoroughly enjoying them and I’m sure we are all healthier for it!

Jo J (SA)

on behalf of the … Village Line Dancers