Line Dancing Is Fun!

Good Daily Exercise and Practice

Happy Dancing – Liz and Paul

Thank you Liz…
The DVDs arrived on Friday and I spent all that afternoon dancing. I have done the first 4 dances and loving the pace.

They do go through each dance slowly 2 or 3 times at my classes and i do get quite a few moves as time goes on, but I am one who needs to do it over and over and over again, day after day before I really get it, so the DVDs are perfect for me…. can replay as often as i need. I will now do those 4 dances at fast pace until I really have them before moving on to the next 4 on DVD 1. This should fast track me quite a lot as I have only been doing line dancing since the end of October, and the majority of the class have been doing it for quite a while.

Thank you. This is a birthday present that will get a lot of use

The best tip for me was having the weight on the correct foot, as this is where I have been having trouble i think, as i always seem to be on the wrong foot or having to change feet, as well as turning the wrong way, again because of the weight on the wrong foot. This has helped me already. Thanks!…

…Having 3 DVDs appealed as there would be so much to learn, and having a 4th one with just the dances, would be good daily exercise and practice once I had learned the dances. I decided then and there to get the credit card out.

Cheers! Sue T (Qld)