Line Dancing Is Fun!

Exercise and Brain Food are Both Bonuses

Happy Dancing – Liz and Paul

Well Liz & Paul …………… I think you are amazing. The DVDs arrived a couple of days after I ordered them and I am on the third one now. I used the first one again yesterday so three of our grandchildren could line dance with me – they loved it!!

…I thought hmm ………. I should be learning to join in the line dancing instead of just looking on. So we came home and I immediately searched, found your site, and placed my order. It’s so much easier to play and learn at home in my own spare time instead of travelling some distance at night time for lessons AND ………. Mine are daily lessons, not weekly.

I don’t think anybody could fault your presentations and tutoring. I’m sure you have brought so much pleasure to many people – the exercise and brain food are both bonuses. Thank you.

Warm Regards…

Brenda D (Qld)