Line Dancing Is Fun!

Line Dancing Songs – 8 Places to Find Them

Happy Dancing – Liz and Paul

Line Dancing Songs ImageIf you are interested in finding terrific music to practice your line dancing skills or you want to DJ a wedding or party, here are my 7 ideas to find popular line dancing songs.

Country Music Bars or Clubs
A fantastic place to start is to go to a country music club or line dance club where you will see bootscooters dancing to all the up-to-the-minute music. There is often a country music club and perhaps a country bar in most major cities in the western world and depending on your geographic location there may be a lot of them.

Linedance Magazines
There are some respectable linedance magazines and / or subscriptions where you can keep up with the latest and greatest information on everything from music to fashions and the latest linedancing steps.

Just begin searching and you will find everything and anything you could possibly want to know about linedancing as well as fantastic sources for new and old linedance songs. You can easily find out what other dancers are dancing to and what the existing trends are and what music is being used just by checking out a couple of blog posts or YouTube videos.

The Line Dance CD
The Line Dance CD imageIt is simply one of the best tools to improve your linedance skills, with 23 Line dancing songs (including 3 beautiful Waltzes). Each track slowly gets faster so you can learn each dance slower than it was choreographed to, and then build up to speed. You can learn to count in line dances in 4/4 time and also 3/4 time. You will not want any other CD’s. You can Check it out at

Line Dancing Classes
There are line dance classes where you can learn the steps and find out what songs are being used and what you may be listening to in the future. Your ear will become accustomed to knowing whether the song is the right speed and feel for dancing.

Country Music Radio
Country Radio as well as the top 40 Country music charts can be excellent sources to discover up to the minute country line dancing music.

There are online Forums that you can join (often for free) that bring together linedancers from all around the world to compare information about new songs that are coming out as well as new dance steps. You can also share stories with other members.

Line Dancing Organisations
There are even clubs that meet in local areas to unite like minded people and on occassion they may include a live country band at special events. These clubs are a excellent way to make new friends and to encounter all kinds of new music you may not have heard before, especially if country music is not available on your local radio or supported in your local area.

I have to say that Country music is my favorite, but today’s linedancers dance to songs in almost any genre. You’ll find Hip Hop, Soul and obviously Country and I bet there are also Reggae and Classical line dancing songs as well.  Something for everyone. have fun and dance off the inches.