Line Dancing Is Fun!

Line Dance Events – Country Hoe Down, Mayworth, Bling Ball, China and More.

Happy Dancing – Liz and Paul

A little news to share with you folks, I will be holding a Country Hoe Down in the coming months.  I will be able to confirm the date very soon, but I am looking at a Sunday in May. From the smiles, ‘wows’ and ‘yeeeee haaaaaas’ I am getting when I mention it, it will certainly be a great success.

The dress and music will ALL be country and a guest singer will sing a few songs for us. The dances will be old, new, easy and challenging but all the good old favourites as well as some newer country, catchy ones.

I have even attached the two step sheets for Hoe Down (Jessica Lamb & Adrian Lefabour) & Little Hoe Down (Margaret Murphy) both Australian choreography.  These will definitely be on the program. Both dances were thoroughly enjoyed by my classes when they were taught, not just by the country freaks either!!!

Between the two dances they cater for upper and earlier level dancers I feel that I can guarantee a fabulous, not to be missed fun time for all as well as instructor incentives so if you wish to contact me personally please do.

Mayworth is on over the first weekend in May, also a great chance to dance and experience the varied workshops, instructors, competitions and like-minded people.

My annual formal ‘Bling’ Ball is of course on Saturday 4th August this year with a great fun day of workshops (not too brain-draining) and dance with guest Sydney instructor Jenny Hughes preceding our special night. Lunch and dinner are included in the price.  Very few people will argue about the value for money.

If any dancers under 35 years old would like to join me on a trip to China mid Sept please let me know.

Life is full of wonderful people, fabulous experiences and untold learning opportunities! Happy dancing to all.

Oh, and thank you so much for those who voted for me for Instructor of the Year at the Australian Line Dance Awards at Tamworth, what a wonderful outcome!!!