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New Beginner Line Dancing Classes 2010

The New Year has begun and time for New Beginner Line Dance Classes! Click Here for Up To date class information on our Line Dance Classes and Functions Page There are many people showing interest in taking up Line Dancing - maybe a New Year’s resolution to become...

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Line Dance “Bling” Ball

Tickets are selling well for the  Formal "Bling" Ball in October. Once again the tickets will be strictly limited due to seating for dinner and the theme is Black, Red & Silver. Many people are planning ahead as they made a great weekend of it last year. Tickets...

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What is Line Dancing?

The term Line Dancing comes from the fact that you dance a routine in a formation of parallel lines. A line dance routine is generally made up of a series or sequence of moves that is repeated over and over to one piece of music.  These sequences can be from simple...

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