Well I got my new dance sneakers 2 days after ordering, and so I was really keen to give them a work out. First of all I wanted to check them to make sure they were comfortable and the right size.   **UPDATED see post**

Note – Do this on carpet so as to not scuff them (just in case you need to return them).

Fortunately they felt great as soon as I put them on, so put in my line dance DVD, turned the music up and got dancing.

Then I put on one of my ordinary sneakers to compare. – The difference was like night and day.
I‘ve never really liked dancing in sneakers as the rubber sole doesn’t “give” especially when turning, pivoting and spinning. This can stress the knee and hip causing some pain if done for an extended period.

**UPDATE: 4 September 2016**
I Purchased 2 of these sneakers but the second set had problems.
I searched around and eventually found an even better pair (less than $50 at time of writing).  I have worn them now for over 2 months and they are great. 

The rest of this post is still of interest but the links will take you to the new shop.  It took about 2 weeks to arrive from China.  Yeah I know what you are thinking but everything is made in China these days. Read on…

Check out these shoes
Line Dance Sneakers & DanceWear.

vivaz dance shoes | Dance sneakers

Designed specifically for dancing comfort.

A Real Workout

I really put them to the test at my dance class that night and to tell you the truth I forgot I was wearing them, they were that comfortable. I had no problems at all.

I had wanted a pair of these dance sneakers for a while, not to replace my usual line dance shoes, Compare Dance shoes and Dance sneakersbut to use when dancing in shorts.

As a male dancer it is not a good look to wear shorts with short dark socks and regular dance shoes. So for my purpose, these dance sneakers are mostly for dance class and any outside or casual dance nights, especially in summer so I can be cool (temperature wise lol).

Unisex – For Women and Men.

I chose the basic light grey with white stripes model that I felt would go with shorts, however I am seriously considering purchasing another pair that will go with Jeans so I can wear dance sneakers more often (there are 50 different colour and lace variations to choose from, so there’s something for everyone). In the past I have only had leather soled dance shoes but they can be quite expensive.

Pros of Dance Sneakers

  • Built specifically for dancing.
  • Light weight.
  • Allow your feet to flex and move as necessary (maximum Dorsiflexion & Plantarflexion).
  • Support your feet and body.
  • Shock absorbing.
  • Special sole enables freer movement and spin.
  • Unisex – great for men and women.
  • Well priced.
Check out these shoes
Line Dance Sneakers & DanceWear.

vivaz dance shoes | Dance sneakers

Designed specifically for dancing comfort.

Cons of Dance Sneakers

I really couldn’t find much wrong with them but if there was anything to be concerned about it is the lack of support through the middle of the shoe, however this is the design of these dance shoes making them more flexible and suitable for dancing.

Read on But if you prefer…..

Watch the Dance Shoe Review Video below

Dance Shoes Online Sizing Chart

One concern I had when purchasing dance shoes online was knowing which size to get. It’s easy – all you have to do is:

Size chart for dance sneakers**The new sizing is available in-shop.

    1. Put Your heel against the wall
    2. Measure from wall to your toes
    3. Refer to the simple sizing chart and instructions on the website

(just make sure you look at the correct chart as there are a couple of different charts for different types of shoes).

The sole is split and not one single rigid sole like normal sneakers, so it allows for a little stretching if needed.
Dance sneakers don’t require much breathing room around the toes and should be a firm fit.

Dance Sneakers are perfect line dance shoes but also great for Latin, Zumba, Jazzercise, hip-hop, in fact almost any style of dance as they have been specifically designed for dancing.

Check out these shoes
Line Dance Sneakers & DanceWear.

vivaz dance shoes | Dance sneakers

Designed specifically for dancing comfort.

While you are there check out the other dance shoes and dancewear available.

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